Where have all the bloggers gone?

September 23, 2009 at 8:50 pm 1 comment

In my Public Relations class last week, the professor asked who in the class wrote in a blog. I was shocked to see I was the only one to raise my hand. I was slightly embarrassed at first. Then as I thought about it, I became appalled. There is a FREE program on the internet allowing you to display your writing skills, thoughts, and ideas and these kids are just passing it by

Again, let me reiterate this: it’s FREE! Considering writing, thinking, and constantly coming up with new ideas basically comes with the PR territory, you would think they would take advantage of this FREE service. I said FREE, didn’t I? Okay, just making sure.

Currently, I have 6 blogs out on the internet: some professional, some simply for my mere entertainment. Though I am still trying to figure out how to get other people to read them besides posting links on facebook and twitter, I see no disadvantage to this FREE service. I could go on all night. Really.

But, as I stated above, what I am really talking about here is this: blogging is a good way to display your writing skills, thoughts, and ideas to those people you want to see them. It can provide potential employers with an immediate writing sample for their viewing pleasure. It can connect you with people you would have never met otherwise (aka NETWORKING!). And at the very worst, it’s more practice to hone up on your writing skills and help find your”voice.”

Did I mention it was FREE?


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  • 1. Robin Luymes  |  December 4, 2009 at 1:17 am

    Nicely said Mikinzie. I had this exact conversation with a couple students today, and a class of students two weeks ago, and hundreds of students over the past several years. Not this conversation *exactly* but close.

    For PR students preparing for the work world, it cannot be stressed enough that they need to write, write, write. Get published if you can! If you can’t, publish yourself. Which, as you point out, has never been easier than the last several years with free blog services.

    Yes, it is free. Yes, it is also work. But the investment you and some other students are making today will pay off down the road when you are able to point to well-stocked portfolios — the print or electronic kind. There are other things that get you noticed. For PR students, PRSSA is important. Internships are important. Good grades are important.

    When I’ve hired interns or new professionals in the past, I’ve always been fortunate to have great candidates with strong portfolios, some work experience, and PRSSA leadership. When you see students with this combination plus good grades, you obviously have a candidate with a strong work ethic, a passion about what they’re doing, and an intentional approach to the beginning of their career.

    You are off to a great start, Mikinzie!


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